Pastor Dan Fisher Presents The Black Robed Regiment

Pastor Dan Fisher delivers his moving, passionate, patriotic account of the Black Robed pastors and ministers who were in the forefront of our American patriots who rose to the occasion to fight and defeat the British in our glorious revolution.

Pastor Dan Fisher fills in lost part of the historical puzzle which made our country different than the tyrants of old. The secret of this nation was the strength of her pulpits where men of God preached the Gospel and held fast to the Scriptures. This is an important well told history lesson about the men and women involved in the early founding of our nation, a lesson we and our children should sit down and hear. This is the least we can do. Other films are being released in July by the Left to revamp our gun laws, to take the teeth out of the Second Amendment. It is time to stand. To the Word and the Testimony. To God be the Glory. How seriously do you take your responsibility? Do listen and prayerfully consider the exhortation and respond with prayer and action. (June 17, 2021)

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