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Pastor Dan Fisher Presents The Black Robed Regiment
Pastor Dan Fisher delivers his moving, passionate, patriotic account of the Black Robed pastors and ministers who were in the forefront of our American patriots...
Watch Now "Pastor Dan Fisher Presents The Black Robed Regiment"
Ossoff’s Insane Open Borders Immigration Position
Ossoff attacked President Trump's immigration policies as a "war crime. Former Gwinnett County Sheriff says Ossoff's position will lead to people getting killed. How can...
Watch Now "Ossoff’s Insane Open Borders Immigration Position"
Reverend Warnock Shatters Martin Luther King’s Dream
Raphael Warnock shatters Martin Luther King’s dream of an America where his children - all children - are judged by their character - not the...
Watch Now "Reverend Warnock Shatters Martin Luther King’s Dream"


The goal of Buzzsaw Media is to:

  • address those issues where faith and culture intersect
  • cut through all the ambivalence, propaganda, and misinformation
  • seek out the truth
  • and present it in a compelling fashion

To accomplish this goal, Buzzsaw Media assembles documentaries, presentations, podcasts, and various communications tools to disseminate this knowledge both to those who may agree or disagree with our conclusions in the hope that they would investigate matters for themselves, cut through the chaff, and enter into a personal quest for truth in all areas.

America In Peril

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